iPad Apps

Make use of the latest iPad technology by Apple and provide users with breath-taking application experiences.

Being one of the pioneers in the iPad App development industry, the team of developers at DuLeaf is excited each day faced by the various complexities and difficulties en-route app development. Our team of experts includes social media application developers who have the required skills and knowledge that take to develop exceptional custom iPad applications. We make use of innovative solutions and tools to create applications that sweep you off your feet.

Custom App development

DuLeaf takes every opportunity to satisfy the client. We develop an application considering the client's requirements and taking client feedback at every possible step. Our state-of-the-art app engineering allows us to create stunning iPad apps that delight the app user every time.

Leveraging the iPad Features

iPad application development at Duleaf is not just about optimizing iPhone apps. We take time out to cater to the iPad specific features such as the retina display, gyrometer, accelerometer, compass etc. Making use of iPad specific features makes the app experience even more exciting for the user.

Get Creative

The iOS platform allows application developers to show their true colors working at their full creative mode. Developers at DuLeaf find new and innovative ways to deal with everyday iPad app development issues while remaining within the iPad app development boundaries as set by Apple Inc.

An array to choose from

When it comes to app development, iTunes store has loads of applications to offer, with the introduction of iPad and iPad mini users now have an array of applications to choose from. Give your customers the iPad advantage.

Ultimate Gaming experiences

Game development comes naturally to our team of developers. With years of experience in game development, our team of Game developers conceptualizes design and develops games that are not only magnificent but also addictive.