Mobile Payment

Create easy payment solutions on mobile

Prepaid accounts, in-app purchases, Credit Card/PayPal integration

Provide a means of easy money transfer to a wide array of customers by having a custom payment application for mobiles. Mobile payment apps can range from simple bill payment apps to fully fledged e-commerce applications. We can provide customized solutions to help you develop easy to use mobile payment apps.

  • One touch payment solution
  • Secure
  • Integrates with your merchant account*

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Commerce: Any sort of payment or money transfer conducted with the help of mobile device. Mobile commerce websites are optimized versions of your existing websites that make them able to fit into a mobile phone's display. Mobile Commerce websites may be used to derive sales traffic however more than often businesses use these to increase their presence over other platforms.

Mobile Payment Website: Over the past few years mobile usage has increased tremendously. Most people now use a mobile device to access the internet. If your website is not designed to adjust to a mobile phone, user experience will suffer tremendously. We have years of experience and the right amount of expertise to bring your mobile payment website to life.

Code Scanning and Coupons: First barcodes then QR codes took the mobile app market with a storm. More and more applications feature the code scanning feature in place of "call to action" links on an app. User has to scan a code and the app takes care of the rest. We have had the privilege to develop apps using the code scanning feature, contact us to get hand-on experience with your barcode scanning mobile payment app.

Mobile Wallet: More and more users are switching to mobile payment apps since they are secure, easy to use and cuts down on additional card baggage. The app takes care of all your plastic money via in-app data storage. The Mobile wallet apps reduce the need to carry cash at all since all payments are done via mobile.